Legal Steroids: Intended Use, and When To Take Them.

steroidsUsing legal steroids and anabolic supplements can be a simple choice. Let’s face it, we all want gains, and we want them NOW ! The first thing you must consider is your goals. Do you want to gain weight and bulk up ? Do you want to get ripped – cut – shredded ? Are you a competing bodybuilder, professional athlete, or simply a recreational weight lifter ?

In a brief summary, I am going to attempt to simplify the process of legal steroids use.

Bulking Cycles.

If your main goals are to gain weight, bulk up, and improve strength, than the following dianabol legal steroid products may be what you are looking for. These products are best used by splitting them up in 2-3 daily doses, and taking each dose with a full glass of milk or food.

  • Muscle Labs D-bol
  • Dianadrol® Militant Muscle
  • D-Anobol by Pharma Supplements

Cutting Cycles.

cutting supplementIf your main goals are shredded abs, fat loss, strength gains, stamina, and overall improvement of muscle tone, the following products are your best bet. These products are best used 20-30 minutes prior to training and ingested with a large glass of water.

  • Winsdrol-V (Stanozall) Muscle Labs
  • Clenbuterall™ Muscle Labs

Muscle Growth and Muscle Building.

If Your main goals are muscle building, strength increases, and recovery, than these 3 dbolproducts are the most compatible. These products are best used in split doses by taking 1 dose in the a.m. and the 2nd dose in the late p.m. (after dinner). For best results take them with a full glass of milk or protein shake.

  • Deccabolan™ Muscle Labs
  • Anadroll™  Muscle Labs
  • Anivar™ Muscle Labs
  • Testosterone-1 by Muscle Labs

Muscle Pumps and Vascularity.

If you want to generally improve muscle tone by mild gains in muscle mass, and a facilitation in fat loss, that try this awesome product. Aside from all these improvements, this product delivers some mind blowing muscle pumps and huge ripped veins ! This product is best takes right before you workout. For best uptake, drink it down with a large glass of water.

  • Primodrol™ Muscle Labs

Add 2-3″ To A Bicep As Fast as 30 Days.

Is it even possible ? It sure is. Do your research on these 2 amazing products. Be forewarned though, they are for serious bodybuilders only.

  • Synthrol 877 by Chris Clark
  • Synthobolic by Muscle Labs